September/October 2002
A Brief, Inspired Message
This well-composed powder room edits the bath down to its essential elements, yet still makes a compelling statement of personal style.

In an era of chatty e-mails, it's hard to imagine returning to the pay-per-word terseness of telegrams. Yet, that's the mindset required when composing a powder room. In a telegram, the challenge is to convey a message in as few words as possible. In a powder room, the challenge is to make a bath functional and interesting with minimal space and elements. Diane and Todd Garrett acheived that pithiness in their Marin County, California, home.

Before the remodeling project, the couple's main-floor powder room, small and windowless, was about as personalized as a form letter. The mostly white, traditional decor didn't fit in with the rest of he home's warmer, contemporary rooms, plus the bath lacked function. "There was no place to store anything," Diane says. "I wanted to do something unusual, something that was distincitive."

Architectt Carol Meyer and interior designers Cynthia Wright and Kristi Will helped the Garretts make a personal statement in 30 square feet.

An exclamation point usually comes at the end of an expression, but in this declaration of style, the attention-getter came first, in the form of a minimalist above-counter sink. Diane spotted the white-bronze basin, crafted by an San Francisco artist, while visiting a design center with Wright. "That was the jumping-off point for the bath, Wright says of the sink. "They wanted a really interesting and sophisticated look for the space, and they got it."