Home Decorating
Winter 1999

Queen for Today
Kitchen designer Sandra Bird drew much of her inspiration for the major kitchen remodel from archival photos. Comprising two tables with one wood top, the large iron-and-wood island has a rollout unit tucked into the center. This unit holds the recycling bins and has a butcher-block top for heavy-duty jobs. Bird designed the cherry cabinets in the Victorian style, and incorporated other touches that recall that period, including the green marble coutertops, beaded board, and a pine plate rack. The French range resembles the one in Claude Monet's Giverny home.

Installed during the remodeling, the picture window allows light to flood the breakfast area with its custom-made table and chairs. Scheier added the curtains and bamboo shades. Though it is a period piece, the chandelier has not been authenticated to the house.